This is a text description of Figure 6-7, "Enter Remote Addresses".

The text surrounding the figure describes the use of this dialog box. The figure is a screen capture image and contains example data that may not match your system. You must make selections appropriate for your system. The title bar label is "Connection Properties".

The client area* of this dialog box has four tabs, and the second tab ("Address") is displayed. The tab names are "General", "Address", "System Identification", and "802.2 DLC". A row of three buttons is at the bottom.

The "Address" tab has two lines of data. The first line has the phrase "Remote Network Addres:s" (the "A" of Address is underlined) followed by an edit box containing the entry "400000FFFFFF". The second line has the phrase "Remote SAP Address:" (the "S" of SAP is underlined) followed by an edit box with the entry "04".

The three buttons are labeled: "OK", "Cancel", and "Help".

*client area (or pane) refers to the information section within the window frame or border.