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Oracle® Enterprise Manager Grid Control Installation and Basic Configuration
10g Release 1 (10.1)
Part No. B12012-03
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1 Pre-Installation Considerations

Enterprise Manager Component Overview
Pre-Installation Requirements for Enterprise Manager
Enterprise Manager Hardware Requirements
Considering Resource Allocation
Enterprise Manager Software Requirements
Management Repository Software Requirements
Management Service Software Requirements
Management Agent Software Requirements
Enterprise Manager Certifications
Operating System Certifications
Browser Certifications for the Grid Control Console
Certified Enterprise Manager Targets

2 Installing Enterprise Manager

Enterprise Manager Installation Options
Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control Using a New Database
Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control Using an Existing Database
Additional Management Service
Additional Management Agent
Using Oracle Universal Installer
Performing Silent Installations
Starting the Installer
De-Installation Issues
Prompt for Secure Command When De-Installing Grid Control
De-Installing Oracle Homes
Assigning Custom Ports (the "Static Ports" Feature)
Format of the staticports.ini File
Error Conditions that Will Cause the Installer to Resort to Default Ports

3 Post-Installation Configuration Tasks

Running to Complete the Post-Installation
Checking Database Settings
Accessing the OracleMetaLink Web Site
Specifying OracleMetaLink Credentials
Setting Up the Proxy Configuration for the Management Service
Setting Up the Proxy Configuration for the Management Agent
Setting Credentials for the Job System (Windows Only)
Configuring Database and ASM Targets for Monitoring
Unlocking the DBSNMP User Account
Setting Monitoring Credentials
Setting Monitoring Credentials for Database Targets
Setting Monitoring Credentials for ASM Targets

4 Getting Started with Enterprise Manager

Enterprise Manager's Out-of-Box Configuration
Default Super Administrator: SYSMAN
E-mail Notifications
Notification Rules
Automatic Discovery
Troubleshooting Problems with Target Discovery
Targets Subtabs
Using the Grid Control Console for the First Time
Controlling the Management Repository, Service, and Agent
Starting the Management Repository Database
Starting and Stopping the Management Service
Starting and Stopping the Management Agent
Accessing Enterprise Manager Grid Control

A Patches and Packages

Solaris Operating System Patches and Packages
Solaris Operating System Patches
Solaris Operating System Packages
Other Operating System Software Requirements
HP-UX 11.11 and HP-UX Itanium 11.23
Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS/ES 2.1
Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS/ES 3.0 and SuSE SLES8
HP Tru64 5.1b
IBM AIX 5.2 (64-bit)

B Management Repository Database Settings

Initialization Parameters
Required Parameters
Recommended Parameters
Other Database Settings
UNDO Tablespace and Temporary Tablespace
Archive Logging
Ensure the Database is Not in QUIESCE Mode

C Using the Downloadable Management Agent

Methods for Installing the Management Agent
About the agentDownload Script
Benefits of the agentDownload Script
Obtaining the agentDownload Software
Using the agentDownload Script
Script Details

D Enterprise Manager Java Console

Running Oracle Enterprise Manager Java Console
Configuring Change Manager
Creating a Standalone Repository
Database Version Requirements for the Standalone Repository
Create a Tablespace for the Standalone Repository
Create a Database User for Standalone Repository
Starting Change Manager