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Oracle® Fail Safe Installation Guide
Release 3.3.3 for Windows
Part No. B12072-01
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This guide provides step-by-step procedures to help you install, deinstall, and upgrade Oracle Fail Safe.

Intended Audience

This guide is intended for anyone who needs to perform the initial setup and installation of Oracle Fail Safe on Microsoft Windows systems.

In general, this book defines technical terms and concepts when they are introduced. However, it assumes that you know the underlying operating system and are familiar with basic system administration tasks. Also, you should be familiar with Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS).

Documentation Accessibility

Our goal is to make Oracle products, services, and supporting documentation accessible, with good usability, to the disabled community. To that end, our documentation includes features that make information available to users of assistive technology. This documentation is available in HTML format, and contains markup to facilitate access by the disabled community. Standards will continue to evolve over time, and Oracle is actively engaged with other market-leading technology vendors to address technical obstacles so that our documentation can be accessible to all of our customers. For additional information, visit the Oracle Accessibility Program Web site at


This guide contains five chapters, three appendixes, and an index:

Chapter 1

This chapter explains the process of setting up and installing Oracle Fail Safe software.

Chapter 2

This chapter provides step-by-step instructions for installing Oracle Fail Safe software.

Chapter 3

This chapter describes how to start Oracle Fail Safe Manager and connect to a cluster.

Chapter 4

This chapter describes how to deinstall Oracle Fail Safe software.

Chapter 5

This chapter helps you to diagnose and troubleshoot problems that might occur during installations and deinstallations.

Appendix A

This appendix describes how to perform a rolling upgrade to install Oracle Fail Safe and other Oracle software while maintaining a highly available environment.

Appendix B

This appendix describes how to automate the Oracle Fail Safe installation by performing a silent installation.

Appendix C

This appendix describes how to manually register and unregister the Oracle resource DLL files with the MSCS software.

Related Documents

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This guide uses the conventions shown in the following table:

Convention Meaning
Vertical ellipsis points in an example mean that information not directly related to the example has been omitted.
. . . Horizontal ellipsis points in statements or commands mean that parts of the statement or command not directly related to the example have been omitted.
boldface text Boldface type in text indicates a screen prompt, menu selection, button, or value to be filled in.
italics Italics are used to indicate technical terms when they are first mentioned.

Documentation Sales

Online product documentation is shipped with each Oracle software order. This documentation can be found on the Oracle Fail Safe software media.

Printed documentation is available for sale in the Oracle Store at: