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Oracle Procedural Gateway® for APPC Messages Guide
10g Release 1 (10.1) for UNIX and Microsoft Windows
Part No. B12177-01
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Accessing Installed Documentation
Oracle Services and Support

1 TIP Exceptions

1.1 Messages ORA-20700 to ORA-20704

2 Procedural Gateway Server Messages

2.1 Messages PGA-20900 to PGA-20927
2.2 Messages PGA-20930 to PGA-21451
2.3 Message PGA-22001 to 22012 (for Gateway using TCP/IP)

3 PGAU Messages

3.1 Messages PGU-00001 to PGU-30028
3.2 Messages PGU-30030 to PGU-30637
3.3 Messages PGU-35002 to PGU-39999
3.4 Messages PGU-41000 to PGU-41119
3.5 Messages PGU-41120 to PGU-42042

4 pg4tcpmap Tool Messages

4.1 Messages PGU-50001 to PGU-50101