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Oracle® Business Intelligence Installation Guide
10g Release 2 (10.1.2) for AIX 5L Based Systems (64-Bit)
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5 Deinstalling and Reinstalling Oracle Business Intelligence

This chapter contains instructions for deinstalling Oracle Business Intelligence. If you are deinstalling multiple or all components, make sure to follow the order presented in this chapter.

This chapter presents the deinstallation steps in the order that you must follow them:

5.1 Deinstalling Oracle Business Intelligence

Note: This section explains how to remove an Oracle Business Intelligence installation from a machine. If you want to remove an associated Oracle Application Server infrastructure installation, you must do that separately (for more information, see Oracle Application Server Installation Guide).

Always use Oracle Universal Installer to remove Oracle Business Intelligence from your computer. The following section guides you through the deinstallation process.

To deinstall Oracle Business Intelligence using the installer:

  1. Terminate all Oracle services before deinstalling, as follows:

  2. Start the installer following the instructions in Section 4.1, "Starting the Installer".

    The installer displays all Oracle products installed on this computer and enables you to deinstall as many products as you wish. These instructions only apply to the deinstallation of Oracle Business Intelligence.

  3. At the Oracle Universal Installer Welcome screen, click Deinstall Products.

  4. Select the Oracle home containing Oracle Business Intelligence 10g from the list in the Inventory screen.

    When available, the plus (+) or minus (-) sign before a product name enables you to expand or collapse the list of its dependent components and files.

    You cannot deinstall individual components of Oracle Business Intelligence. The installer removes all of Oracle Business Intelligence even if you only select one component.

  5. Make a note of the full location path to the Oracle home displayed in the Product Information box. You will need this information when you manually delete files and folders after the installer has completed.

  6. When you are ready to proceed, click Remove.

  7. At the Confirmation screen, verify the products you selected to deinstall and click Yes to start the deinstall process.

    Or, if you need to change your selection, click No to return to the Inventory screen.

    The installer displays the Remove Progress Bar for you to monitor the deinstallation process. If you want to discontinue the deinstallation, click Cancel, and then click Yes when prompted to confirm that you want to stop the deinstallation.

  8. If the Deinstall Input dialog is displayed and prompts you to supply a value for secure command line, then click OK to continue.

    After deinstalling, the installer displays the Inventory screen again.

  9. Click Close to exit this screen and return to the Welcome screen.

  10. At the Welcome screen, click Cancel to exit the installer, then click Yes to confirm that you wish to exit.


    At this point, a number of files associated with Oracle Business Intelligence still exist in the Oracle home directory. If Oracle Business Intelligence shares the Oracle home directory with another product (for example, Oracle Business Intelligence Tools), we recommend you do not delete any other files or directories from the Oracle home directory. If Oracle Business Intelligence does not share the Oracle home directory with any other product, you can delete the entire Oracle home directory.

  11. (Optional) After reading the note, navigate to the Oracle home location you noted earlier and delete any remaining files and folders.

You have successfully deinstalled Oracle Business Intelligence.

5.2 Reinstalling Oracle Business Intelligence

The installer does not overwrite existing component installations. To completely reinstall Oracle Business Intelligence, you must first fully deinstall the product as instructed in Section 5.1, "Deinstalling Oracle Business Intelligence" and then install the product following the instructions in Chapter 4, "Installing Oracle Business Intelligence".