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Oracle® Business Intelligence Installation Guide
10g Release 2 (10.1.2) for Linux Itanium
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A Troubleshooting

This appendix contains reference information to use in the event that you encounter errors or problems with your installation. This appendix includes the following topics:

A.1 Before You Begin

Oracle recommends that you review the following before you attempt to fix problems in your Oracle Business Intelligence installation:

A.1.1 Verify Hardware and Preinstallation Requirements

First, review the Oracle Business Intelligence hardware and software requirements and pre-installation tasks:

A.1.2 Read the Release Notes

Oracle recommends reading the Oracle Business Intelligence Release Notes prior to installing. The Oracle Business Intelligence Release Notes are available:

A.2 Troubleshooting the Installation

If you encounter an error while installing Oracle Business Intelligence, follow these steps:


To provide additional language support, you might need to install missing fonts after an Oracle Business Intelligence installation. For more information, refer to Section 4.6.2, "Installing Additional Required Fonts After Installation".

A.3 Using Discoverer Diagnostic and Logging Tools

Discoverer provides a number of diagnostic tools. For more information, refer to Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer Configuration Guide.