10.6. How to Display Sun Ray Client Information

This procedure describes how to view information, including the currently installed firmware, about registered Sun Ray Clients.

10.6.1. Command-Line Steps

  1. Become superuser on the Sun Ray server.

  2. Display information about a client.

    # utdesktop -p desktopID

    where desktopID is the Sun Ray Client identifier.

10.6.2. Admin GUI Steps


To facilitate the searching process, you can use the Admin GUI to edit Sun Ray Client properties. Click the DTU Identifier and then click edit. You can then provide a location or other information.

  • Click the Desktop Units tab.

    From the Desktop Units tab, you can do the following:

    • To display information about a specific Sun Ray Client, click on the DTU Identifier (MAC address) or enter a search string in the text field.

    • To display information about a group of Sun Ray Clients, select an option from the drop-down menu (All Connected Desktop Units, Token Readers, or Multihead Groups) and/or enter a search string in the text field to narrow your search.