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J2EETM Developer's Guide
Getting Started

Creating the J2EE Application

You cannot deploy an enterprise bean directly into an J2EE server. Instead, you add the bean to a J2EE application, which you then deploy. In this section, you will create a new J2EE application called ConverterApp and store it in the file named ConverterApp.ear.

1. At the command line prompt, start the J2EE server:

j2ee -verbose

(To stop the server, type j2ee -stop.)
2. In another terminal window, run the Application Deployment Tool:


(To access the tool's context-sensitive help, press f1.)
3. Create a new J2EE application.

a. In the Application Deployment Tool, select the File menu.
b. From the File menu choose New Application.
c. Click Browse.
d. In the file chooser, locate the directory where you want to place the .ear file that contains the J2EE application.
e. In the File name field enter ConverterApp.ear.
f. Click New Application.
g. Click OK.

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