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J2EETM Developer's Guide
Getting Started

Packaging the Enterprise Bean

In this section you will run the New Enterprise Bean Wizard of the Application Deployment Tool to perform these tasks:

To start the New Enterprise Bean Wizard, from the File menu choose New Enterprise Bean. The wizard displays the following dialog boxes.

Introduction Dialog Box:

a. Read this explanatory text for an overview of the wizard's features.
b. Click Next.
EJB JAR Dialog Box:

a. In the combo box labelled "Enterprise Bean will go in," select ConverterApp.
b. In the JAR Display Name field enter ConverterJAR. Representing the EJB .jar file that contains the bean, this name will be displayed in the tree view.
c. Click the Add button next to the Contents text area.
d. In the Add Contents to JAR dialog box, choose the directory containing the .class files. (This directory is $J2EE_HOME/doc/guides/ejb/examples/converter, where $J2EE_HOME is the location of your J2EE SDK installation.) You may either type the directory name in the Root Directory field or locate it by clicking Browse.
e. Select each of the following classes from the text area and click Add: Converter.class, ConverterEJB.class, and ConverterHome.class.
f. Click OK.
g. Click Next.
General Dialog Box:

a. In the Enterprise Bean Class combo box, select ConverterEJB.
b. In the Home Interface combo box, select ConverterHome.
c. In the Remote Interface combo box, select Converter.
d. Select the Session radio button.
e. Select the Stateless radio button.
f. In the Enterprise Bean Display Name field, enter ConverterBean. This name will represent the enterprise bean in the tree view.
g. Click Next.
Environment Entries Dialog Box:

Because you may skip the remaining dialog boxes, click Finish.

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