Package javax.resource.spi

The javax.resource.spi package contains APIs for the system contracts defined in the J2EE Connector Architecture specification.


Interface Summary
ConnectionEventListener The ConnectionEventListener interface provides an event callback mechanism to enable an application server to receive notifications from a ManagedConnection instance.
ConnectionManager ConnectionManager interface provides a hook for the resource adapter to pass a connection request to the application server.
ConnectionRequestInfo The ConnectionRequestInfo interface enables a resource adapter to pass its own request specific data structure across the connection request flow.
LocalTransaction LocalTransaction interface provides support for transactions that are managed internal to an EIS resource manager, and do not require an external transaction manager.
ManagedConnection ManagedConnection instance represents a physical connection to the underlying EIS.
ManagedConnectionFactory ManagedConnectionFactory instance is a factory of both ManagedConnection and EIS-specific connection factory instances.
ManagedConnectionMetaData The ManagedConnectionMetaData interface provides information about the underlying EIS instance associated with a ManagedConnection instance.

Class Summary
ConnectionEvent The ConnectionEvent class provides information about the source of a connection related event.A ConnectionEvent instance contains the following information: Type of the connection event ManagedConnection instance that generated the connection event.

Exception Summary
ApplicationServerInternalException An ApplicationServerInternalException is thrown by an application server to indicate error conditions specific to an application server.
CommException An CommException indicates errors related to failed or interrupted communication with an EIS instance.
EISSystemException An EISSystemException is used to indicate any EIS specific system-level error conditions.
IllegalStateException An IllegalStateException is thrown from a method if the callee (resource adapter or application server for system contracts) is in an illegal or inappropriate state for the method invocation.
LocalTransactionException A LocalTransactionException represents various error conditions related to the local transaction management contract.
ResourceAdapterInternalException ResourceAdapterInternalException indicates any system-level error conditions related to a resource adapter.
ResourceAllocationException A ResourceAllocationException can be thrown by an application server or resource adapter to indicate any failure to allocate system resources (example: threads, physical connections).
SecurityException A SecurityException indicates error conditions related to the security contract between an application server and resource adapter.

Package javax.resource.spi Description

The javax.resource.spi package contains APIs for the system contracts defined in the J2EE Connector Architecture specification.