Interface RowSetReader

public interface RowSetReader

An object implementing the RowSetReader interface may be registered with a RowSet object that supports the reader/writer paradigm. A RowSetReader object is called by a rowset to produce a new set of rows which will become the rowset's contents.

Method Summary
 void readData(RowSetInternal caller)
          Read the new contents of a rowset.

Method Detail


public void readData(RowSetInternal caller)
              throws java.sql.SQLException

Read the new contents of a rowset. This method is invoked internally by the RowSet.execute() method for rowsets that support the reader/writer paradigm.

The readData() method uses the RowSet.insertRow() or RowSet.populate() methods to add rows to the caller. In general, any of the caller's methods may be called by the reader with one exception, calling execute() will throw an SQLException since execute may not be called recursively. Also, rowset events, such as RowSetChanged, etc. are not generated by RowSet methods invoked by a reader.

caller - the rowset that called the reader
java.sql.SQLException - if a database-access error occurs