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Chapter 1:   Overview

Web Services Support

Distributed Multitiered Applications

J2EE Containers


Development Roles


Chapter 2:   Introduction to Web Applications

Web Application Life Cycle

Web Modules

Configuring Web Modules

Deploying Web Modules

Listing Deployed Web Modules

Running Web Applications

Updating Web Modules

Undeploying Web Modules

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Internationalizing and Localizing Web Applications

Accessing Databases from Web Applications

Further Information

Chapter 3:   Java Servlet Technology

What is a Servlet?

The Example Servlets

Servlet Life Cycle

Sharing Information

Initializing a Servlet

Writing Service Methods

Filtering Requests and Responses

Invoking Other Web Resources

Accessing the Web Context

Maintaining Client State

Finalizing a Servlet

Further Information

Chapter 4:   JavaServer Pages Technology

What Is a JSP Page?

The Example JSP Pages

The Life Cycle of a JSP Page

Initializing and Finalizing a JSP Page

Creating Static Content

Creating Dynamic Content

Including Content in a JSP Page

Transferring Control to Another Web Component

Including an Applet

JavaBeans Components in JSP Pages

Extending the JSP Language

Further Information

Chapter 5:   Custom Tags in JSP Pages

What Is a Custom Tag?

The Example JSP Pages

Using Tags

Defining Tags


Chapter 6:   JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library

The Example JSP Pages

Using JSTL

Expression Language Support

Core Tags

XML Tags

Internationalization Tags

SQL Tags

Further Information

Chapter 7:   Understanding XML

Introduction to XML

XML and Related Specs: Digesting the Alphabet Soup

Generating XML Data

Designing an XML Data Structure

Chapter 8:   Introduction to Web Services

The Role of XML and the Java Platform

Overview of the Java APIs for XML





Sample Scenario

Chapter 9:   Building Web Services With JAX-RPC

Types Supported By JAX-RPC

Creating a Web Service with JAX-RPC

Creating Web Service Clients with JAX-RPC

Further Information

Chapter 10:   Web Services Messaging with JAXM

The Structure of the JAXM API

Overview of JAXM


Code Examples


Further Information

Chapter 11:   Publishing and Discovering Web Services with JAXR

Overview of JAXR

Implementing a JAXR Client

Running the Client Examples

Further Information

Chapter 12:   The Coffee Break Application

Coffee Break Overview

JAX-RPC Distributor Service

JAXM Distributor Service

Coffee Break Server

Deploying and Running the Application

Appendix A:   Java Encoding Schemes

Further Information

Appendix B:   HTTP Overview

HTTP Requests

HTTP Responses


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