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<!--  A SAMPLE set of slides  -->

<!DOCTYPE slideshow SYSTEM "slideshow1a.dtd">

    title="Sample Slide Show"
    date="Date of publication"
    author="Yours Truly"

    <?my.presentation.Program QUERY="exec, tech, all"?>

    <!-- TITLE SLIDE -->
    <slide type="all">
       <title>Wake up to WonderWidgets!</title>

    <!-- OVERVIEW -->
    <slide type="all">
      <item>Why <em>WonderWidgets</em> are great</item>
      <item>Who <em>buys</em> WonderWidgets</item>

    <slide type="exec">
      <title>Financial Forecast</title>
      <item>Market Size &lt; predicted!</item>
      <item>Anticipated Penetration</item>
      <item>Expected Revenues</item>
      <item>Profit Margin </item>

    <slide type="tech">
      <title>How it Works</title>
      <item>First we fozzle the frobmorten</item>
      <item>Then we framboze the staten</item>
      <item>Finally, we frenzle the fuznaten</item>
           frobmorten <------------ fuznaten
               |            <3>        ^
               | <1>                   |   <1> = fozzle
               V                       |   <2> = framboze    
             staten--------------------+   <3> = frenzle