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<h1 align="center">A Sample Article</h1>
<h2>The First Major Section
<p>This section will introduce a subsection.</p>
<h3>The Subsection Heading
<p>This is the text of the subsection.
<h2>The Second Major Section
<p>This section adds a LIST and a NOTE.
<p>Here is the LIST:
<p>And here is the NOTE:
<br>Don't forget to go to the hardware store on your
             way to the grocery!
<h2>The <I>Third</I> Major Section
<p>In addition to the inline tag in the heading, this section
           defines the term <i>inline</i>, which literally means
           "no line break". It also adds a simple link to the main page 
           for the Java platform (<a href=""></a>), 
           as well as a link to the 
           <a href="">XML</a> page.