J2EE v1.4 Documentation

The J2EE™ v1.4 Tutorial - Resources

The web offers many resources to help you use the Java™ Platform, Enterprise Edition. This section lists some that we use ourselves, or that we've heard good things about.

General Resources
Java technology news from the source.
Java™ Platform, Enterprise Edition
The java.sun.com Java EE technology resource.
The Java Tutorials
Practical guides for programmers with many working examples.
Java Technology Forums
Discussion groups on all the Java technologies.
The source for Java technology collaboration.

Specialized Resources
Java BluePrints
The Java BluePrints program defines the application programming model for the Java platform.
JDBC™ Database Access Tutorial
A beginner's guide to using JDBC technology.
java.sun.com Tutorials and Online Training
Tutorials and short courses on Java technologies from java.sun.com.
JNDI Tutorial
A beginner's guide to using JNDI technology.

Other Resources
Java User Groups
Join a Java technology user group near you!
Java Developers Journal
A monthly source of Java technology news and information.
Your Java EE technology community.
Comprehensive, hands-on information about the news and trends concerning Java technology.
About.com's Java site
Links to many Java technology resources.
A comprehensive source of information on Java technologies.
Developer Works
Tools, code, and tutorials for open standards-based development from IBM.
Java news, resources, and more from O'Reilly.