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Packages that use BeanContextServices
java.beans.beancontext Provides classes and interfaces relating to bean context. 

Uses of BeanContextServices in java.beans.beancontext

Classes in java.beans.beancontext that implement BeanContextServices
 class BeanContextServicesSupport
           This helper class provides a utility implementation of the java.beans.beancontext.BeanContextServices interface.

Methods in java.beans.beancontext that return BeanContextServices
 BeanContextServices BeanContextServicesSupport.getBeanContextServicesPeer()
          Gets the BeanContextServices associated with this BeanContextServicesSupport.
 BeanContextServices BeanContextServiceAvailableEvent.getSourceAsBeanContextServices()
          Gets the source as a reference of type BeanContextServices.
 BeanContextServices BeanContextServiceRevokedEvent.getSourceAsBeanContextServices()
          Gets the source as a reference of type BeanContextServices

Methods in java.beans.beancontext with parameters of type BeanContextServices
 Iterator BeanContextServicesSupport.BCSSProxyServiceProvider.getCurrentServiceSelectors(BeanContextServices bcs, Class serviceClass)
 Iterator BeanContextServiceProvider.getCurrentServiceSelectors(BeanContextServices bcs, Class serviceClass)
          Invoked by BeanContextServices, this method gets the current service selectors for the specified service.
 Object BeanContextServicesSupport.BCSSProxyServiceProvider.getService(BeanContextServices bcs, Object requestor, Class serviceClass, Object serviceSelector)
 Object BeanContextServiceProvider.getService(BeanContextServices bcs, Object requestor, Class serviceClass, Object serviceSelector)
          Invoked by BeanContextServices, this method requests an instance of a service from this BeanContextServiceProvider.
 void BeanContextServicesSupport.BCSSProxyServiceProvider.releaseService(BeanContextServices bcs, Object requestor, Object service)
 void BeanContextServiceProvider.releaseService(BeanContextServices bcs, Object requestor, Object service)
          Invoked by BeanContextServices, this method releases a nested BeanContextChild's (or any arbitrary object associated with a BeanContextChild) reference to the specified service.

Constructors in java.beans.beancontext with parameters of type BeanContextServices
BeanContextServiceAvailableEvent(BeanContextServices bcs, Class sc)
          Construct a BeanContextAvailableServiceEvent.
BeanContextServiceRevokedEvent(BeanContextServices bcs, Class sc, boolean invalidate)
          Construct a BeanContextServiceEvent.
BeanContextServicesSupport(BeanContextServices peer)
          Create an instance with a peer
BeanContextServicesSupport(BeanContextServices peer, Locale lcle)
          Create an instance using the specified locale
BeanContextServicesSupport(BeanContextServices peer, Locale lcle, boolean dtime)
          Create an instance using the specified Locale and design mode.
BeanContextServicesSupport(BeanContextServices peer, Locale lcle, boolean dTime, boolean visible)
           Construct a BeanContextServicesSupport instance

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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