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java.lang Provides classes that are fundamental to the design of the Java programming language. Provides classes for reading and writing the standard ZIP and GZIP file formats. 

Uses of VirtualMachineError in java.lang

Subclasses of VirtualMachineError in java.lang
 class InternalError
          Thrown to indicate some unexpected internal error has occurred in the Java Virtual Machine.
 class OutOfMemoryError
          Thrown when the Java Virtual Machine cannot allocate an object because it is out of memory, and no more memory could be made available by the garbage collector.
 class StackOverflowError
          Thrown when a stack overflow occurs because an application recurses too deeply.
 class UnknownError
          Thrown when an unknown but serious exception has occurred in the Java Virtual Machine.

Uses of VirtualMachineError in

Subclasses of VirtualMachineError in
 class ZipError
          Signals that an unrecoverable error has occurred.

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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