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Packages that use NetworkInterface Provides the classes for implementing networking applications. 

Uses of NetworkInterface in

Methods in that return NetworkInterface
static NetworkInterface NetworkInterface.getByInetAddress(InetAddress addr)
          Convenience method to search for a network interface that has the specified Internet Protocol (IP) address bound to it.
static NetworkInterface NetworkInterface.getByName(String name)
          Searches for the network interface with the specified name.
 NetworkInterface MulticastSocket.getNetworkInterface()
          Get the multicast network interface set.
 NetworkInterface NetworkInterface.getParent()
          Returns the parent NetworkInterface of this interface if this is a subinterface, or null if it is a physical (non virtual) interface or has no parent.
 NetworkInterface Inet6Address.getScopedInterface()
          Returns the scoped interface, if this instance was created with with a scoped interface.

Methods in that return types with arguments of type NetworkInterface
static Enumeration<NetworkInterface> NetworkInterface.getNetworkInterfaces()
          Returns all the interfaces on this machine.
 Enumeration<NetworkInterface> NetworkInterface.getSubInterfaces()
          Get an Enumeration with all the subinterfaces (also known as virtual interfaces) attached to this network interface.

Methods in with parameters of type NetworkInterface
static Inet6Address Inet6Address.getByAddress(String host, byte[] addr, NetworkInterface nif)
          Create an Inet6Address in the exact manner of InetAddress.getByAddress(String,byte[]) except that the IPv6 scope_id is set to the value corresponding to the given interface for the address type specified in addr.
 boolean InetAddress.isReachable(NetworkInterface netif, int ttl, int timeout)
          Test whether that address is reachable.
 void MulticastSocket.joinGroup(SocketAddress mcastaddr, NetworkInterface netIf)
          Joins the specified multicast group at the specified interface.
protected abstract  void DatagramSocketImpl.joinGroup(SocketAddress mcastaddr, NetworkInterface netIf)
          Join the multicast group.
 void MulticastSocket.leaveGroup(SocketAddress mcastaddr, NetworkInterface netIf)
          Leave a multicast group on a specified local interface.
protected abstract  void DatagramSocketImpl.leaveGroup(SocketAddress mcastaddr, NetworkInterface netIf)
          Leave the multicast group.
 void MulticastSocket.setNetworkInterface(NetworkInterface netIf)
          Specify the network interface for outgoing multicast datagrams sent on this socket.

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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