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Packages that use Logger
java.util.logging Provides the classes and interfaces of the JavaTM 2 platform's core logging facilities. 
javax.sql.rowset.spi The standard classes and interfaces that a third party vendor has to use in its implementation of a synchronization provider. 

Uses of Logger in java.util.logging

Fields in java.util.logging declared as Logger
static Logger
          Deprecated. Initialization of this field is prone to deadlocks. The field must be initialized by the Logger class initialization which may cause deadlocks with the LogManager class initialization. In such cases two class initialization wait for each other to complete. As of JDK version 1.6, the preferred way to get the global logger object is via the call Logger.getLogger(Logger.GLOBAL_LOGGER_NAME).

Methods in java.util.logging that return Logger
static Logger Logger.getAnonymousLogger()
          Create an anonymous Logger.
static Logger Logger.getAnonymousLogger(String resourceBundleName)
          Create an anonymous Logger.
 Logger LogManager.getLogger(String name)
          Method to find a named logger.
static Logger Logger.getLogger(String name)
          Find or create a logger for a named subsystem.
static Logger Logger.getLogger(String name, String resourceBundleName)
          Find or create a logger for a named subsystem.
 Logger Logger.getParent()
          Return the parent for this Logger.

Methods in java.util.logging with parameters of type Logger
 boolean LogManager.addLogger(Logger logger)
          Add a named logger.
 void Logger.setParent(Logger parent)
          Set the parent for this Logger.

Uses of Logger in javax.sql.rowset.spi

Methods in javax.sql.rowset.spi that return Logger
static Logger SyncFactory.getLogger()
          Returns the logging object for applications to retrieve synchronization events posted by SyncProvider implementations.

Methods in javax.sql.rowset.spi with parameters of type Logger
static void SyncFactory.setLogger(Logger logger)
          Sets the logging object to be used by the SyncProvider implementation provided by the SyncFactory.
static void SyncFactory.setLogger(Logger logger, Level level)
          Sets the logging object that is used by SyncProvider implementations provided by the SyncFactory SPI.

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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