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Standard Ed. 6

Uses of Interface

Packages that use ProcessingEnvironment
javax.annotation.processing Facilities for declaring annotation processors and for allowing annotation processors to communicate with an annotation processing tool environment. 

Uses of ProcessingEnvironment in javax.annotation.processing

Fields in javax.annotation.processing declared as ProcessingEnvironment
protected  ProcessingEnvironment AbstractProcessor.processingEnv
          Processing environment providing by the tool framework.

Methods in javax.annotation.processing with parameters of type ProcessingEnvironment
 void AbstractProcessor.init(ProcessingEnvironment processingEnv)
          Initializes the processor with the processing environment by setting the processingEnv field to the value of the processingEnv argument.
 void Processor.init(ProcessingEnvironment processingEnv)
          Initializes the processor with the processing environment.

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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