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Packages that use ExecutableElement
javax.annotation.processing Facilities for declaring annotation processors and for allowing annotation processors to communicate with an annotation processing tool environment. 
javax.lang.model.element Interfaces used to model elements of the Java programming language. 
javax.lang.model.util Utilities to assist in the processing of program elements and types

Uses of ExecutableElement in javax.annotation.processing

Methods in javax.annotation.processing with parameters of type ExecutableElement
 Iterable<? extends Completion> AbstractProcessor.getCompletions(Element element, AnnotationMirror annotation, ExecutableElement member, String userText)
          Returns an empty iterable of completions.
 Iterable<? extends Completion> Processor.getCompletions(Element element, AnnotationMirror annotation, ExecutableElement member, String userText)
          Returns to the tool infrastructure an iterable of suggested completions to an annotation.

Uses of ExecutableElement in javax.lang.model.element

Methods in javax.lang.model.element that return types with arguments of type ExecutableElement
 Map<? extends ExecutableElement,? extends AnnotationValue> AnnotationMirror.getElementValues()
          Returns the values of this annotation's elements.

Methods in javax.lang.model.element with parameters of type ExecutableElement
 R ElementVisitor.visitExecutable(ExecutableElement e, P p)
          Visits an executable element.

Uses of ExecutableElement in javax.lang.model.util

Methods in javax.lang.model.util that return types with arguments of type ExecutableElement
static List<ExecutableElement> ElementFilter.constructorsIn(Iterable<? extends Element> elements)
          Returns a list of constructors in elements.
static Set<ExecutableElement> ElementFilter.constructorsIn(Set<? extends Element> elements)
          Returns a set of constructors in elements.
 Map<? extends ExecutableElement,? extends AnnotationValue> Elements.getElementValuesWithDefaults(AnnotationMirror a)
          Returns the values of an annotation's elements, including defaults.
static List<ExecutableElement> ElementFilter.methodsIn(Iterable<? extends Element> elements)
          Returns a list of methods in elements.
static Set<ExecutableElement> ElementFilter.methodsIn(Set<? extends Element> elements)
          Returns a set of methods in elements.

Methods in javax.lang.model.util with parameters of type ExecutableElement
 boolean Elements.overrides(ExecutableElement overrider, ExecutableElement overridden, TypeElement type)
          Tests whether one method, as a member of a given type, overrides another method.
 R ElementKindVisitor6.visitExecutable(ExecutableElement e, P p)
          Visits an executable element, dispatching to the visit method for the specific kind of executable, CONSTRUCTOR, INSTANCE_INIT, METHOD, or STATIC_INIT.
 R SimpleElementVisitor6.visitExecutable(ExecutableElement e, P p)
          Visits an executable element.
 R ElementScanner6.visitExecutable(ExecutableElement e, P p)
          Visits an executable element.
 R ElementKindVisitor6.visitExecutableAsConstructor(ExecutableElement e, P p)
          Visits a CONSTRUCTOR executable element by calling defaultAction.
 R ElementKindVisitor6.visitExecutableAsInstanceInit(ExecutableElement e, P p)
          Visits an INSTANCE_INIT executable element by calling defaultAction.
 R ElementKindVisitor6.visitExecutableAsMethod(ExecutableElement e, P p)
          Visits a METHOD executable element by calling defaultAction.
 R ElementKindVisitor6.visitExecutableAsStaticInit(ExecutableElement e, P p)
          Visits a STATIC_INIT executable element by calling defaultAction.

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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