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Packages that use ExtendedResponse
javax.naming.ldap Provides support for LDAPv3 extended operations and controls. 

Uses of ExtendedResponse in javax.naming.ldap

Subinterfaces of ExtendedResponse in javax.naming.ldap
 interface UnsolicitedNotification
          This interface represents an unsolicited notification as defined in RFC 2251.

Classes in javax.naming.ldap that implement ExtendedResponse
 class StartTlsResponse
          This class implements the LDAPv3 Extended Response for StartTLS as defined in Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (v3): Extension for Transport Layer Security The object identifier for StartTLS is and no extended response value is defined.

Methods in javax.naming.ldap that return ExtendedResponse
 ExtendedResponse StartTlsRequest.createExtendedResponse(String id, byte[] berValue, int offset, int length)
          Creates an extended response object that corresponds to the LDAP StartTLS extended request.
 ExtendedResponse ExtendedRequest.createExtendedResponse(String id, byte[] berValue, int offset, int length)
          Creates the response object that corresponds to this request.
 ExtendedResponse InitialLdapContext.extendedOperation(ExtendedRequest request)
 ExtendedResponse LdapContext.extendedOperation(ExtendedRequest request)
          Performs an extended operation.

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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