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Packages that use X500Principal Provides classes and interfaces for parsing and managing certificates, certificate revocation lists (CRLs), and certification paths. 

Uses of X500Principal in

Methods in that return X500Principal
 X500Principal TrustAnchor.getCA()
          Returns the name of the most-trusted CA as an X500Principal.
 X500Principal X509CRLEntry.getCertificateIssuer()
          Get the issuer of the X509Certificate described by this entry.
 X500Principal X509CertSelector.getIssuer()
          Returns the issuer criterion as an X500Principal.
 X500Principal X509CRL.getIssuerX500Principal()
          Returns the issuer (issuer distinguished name) value from the CRL as an X500Principal.
 X500Principal X509Certificate.getIssuerX500Principal()
          Returns the issuer (issuer distinguished name) value from the certificate as an X500Principal.
 X500Principal X509CertSelector.getSubject()
          Returns the subject criterion as an X500Principal.
 X500Principal X509Certificate.getSubjectX500Principal()
          Returns the subject (subject distinguished name) value from the certificate as an X500Principal.

Methods in that return types with arguments of type X500Principal
 Collection<X500Principal> X509CRLSelector.getIssuers()
          Returns the issuerNames criterion.

Methods in with parameters of type X500Principal
 void X509CRLSelector.addIssuer(X500Principal issuer)
          Adds a name to the issuerNames criterion.
 void X509CertSelector.setIssuer(X500Principal issuer)
          Sets the issuer criterion.
 void X509CertSelector.setSubject(X500Principal subject)
          Sets the subject criterion.

Method parameters in with type arguments of type X500Principal
 void X509CRLSelector.setIssuers(Collection<X500Principal> issuers)
          Sets the issuerNames criterion.

Constructors in with parameters of type X500Principal
TrustAnchor(X500Principal caPrincipal, PublicKey pubKey, byte[] nameConstraints)
          Creates an instance of TrustAnchor where the most-trusted CA is specified as an X500Principal and public key.

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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