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Packages that use JOptionPane
javax.swing.plaf Provides one interface and many abstract classes that Swing uses to provide its pluggable look-and-feel capabilities. 
javax.swing.plaf.basic Provides user interface objects built according to the Basic look and feel. 
javax.swing.plaf.multi Provides user interface objects that combine two or more look and feels. 

Uses of JOptionPane in javax.swing.plaf

Methods in javax.swing.plaf with parameters of type JOptionPane
abstract  boolean OptionPaneUI.containsCustomComponents(JOptionPane op)
          Returns true if the user has supplied instances of Component for either the options or message.
abstract  void OptionPaneUI.selectInitialValue(JOptionPane op)
          Requests the component representing the default value to have focus.

Uses of JOptionPane in javax.swing.plaf.basic

Fields in javax.swing.plaf.basic declared as JOptionPane
protected  JOptionPane BasicOptionPaneUI.optionPane
          JOptionPane that the receiver is providing the look and feel for.

Methods in javax.swing.plaf.basic with parameters of type JOptionPane
 boolean BasicOptionPaneUI.containsCustomComponents(JOptionPane op)
          Returns true if in the last call to validateComponent the message or buttons contained a subclass of Component.
 void BasicOptionPaneUI.selectInitialValue(JOptionPane op)
          If inputComponent is non-null, the focus is requested on that, otherwise request focus on the default value

Uses of JOptionPane in javax.swing.plaf.multi

Methods in javax.swing.plaf.multi with parameters of type JOptionPane
 boolean MultiOptionPaneUI.containsCustomComponents(JOptionPane a)
          Invokes the containsCustomComponents method on each UI handled by this object.
 void MultiOptionPaneUI.selectInitialValue(JOptionPane a)
          Invokes the selectInitialValue method on each UI handled by this object.

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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