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Packages that use DiagnosticListener Provides interfaces for tools which can be invoked from a program, for example, compilers. 

Uses of DiagnosticListener in

Classes in that implement DiagnosticListener
 class DiagnosticCollector<S>
          Provides an easy way to collect diagnostics in a list.

Methods in with parameters of type DiagnosticListener
 StandardJavaFileManager JavaCompiler.getStandardFileManager(DiagnosticListener<? super JavaFileObject> diagnosticListener, Locale locale, Charset charset)
          Gets a new instance of the standard file manager implementation for this tool.
 JavaCompiler.CompilationTask JavaCompiler.getTask(Writer out, JavaFileManager fileManager, DiagnosticListener<? super JavaFileObject> diagnosticListener, Iterable<String> options, Iterable<String> classes, Iterable<? extends JavaFileObject> compilationUnits)
          Creates a future for a compilation task with the given components and arguments.

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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