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Uses of Interface

Packages that use Templates
javax.xml.transform This package defines the generic APIs for processing transformation instructions, and performing a transformation from source to result. 
javax.xml.transform.sax This package implements SAX2-specific transformation APIs. 

Uses of Templates in javax.xml.transform

Methods in javax.xml.transform that return Templates
abstract  Templates TransformerFactory.newTemplates(Source source)
          Process the Source into a Templates object, which is a a compiled representation of the source.

Uses of Templates in javax.xml.transform.sax

Methods in javax.xml.transform.sax that return Templates
 Templates TemplatesHandler.getTemplates()
          When a TemplatesHandler object is used as a ContentHandler for the parsing of transformation instructions, it creates a Templates object, which the caller can get once the SAX events have been completed.

Methods in javax.xml.transform.sax with parameters of type Templates
abstract  TransformerHandler SAXTransformerFactory.newTransformerHandler(Templates templates)
          Get a TransformerHandler object that can process SAX ContentHandler events into a Result, based on the Templates argument.
abstract  XMLFilter SAXTransformerFactory.newXMLFilter(Templates templates)
          Create an XMLFilter, based on the Templates argument..

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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