Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

Package org.omg.IOP.CodecPackage

This package is generated from the IOP::Codec IDL interface definition.


Class Summary
FormatMismatchHelper org/omg/IOP/CodecPackage/ .
InvalidTypeForEncodingHelper org/omg/IOP/CodecPackage/ .
TypeMismatchHelper org/omg/IOP/CodecPackage/ .

Exception Summary
FormatMismatch org/omg/IOP/CodecPackage/ .
InvalidTypeForEncoding org/omg/IOP/CodecPackage/ .
TypeMismatch org/omg/IOP/CodecPackage/ .

Package org.omg.IOP.CodecPackage Description

This package is generated from the IOP::Codec IDL interface definition. It contains the Java representations of the IDL exceptions specified in IOP::Codec (as part of the Portable Interceptors specification). Please refer to that OMG specification for further details.

Package Specification

For a precise list of supported sections of official specifications with which the Java[tm] Platform, Standard Edition 6 ORB complies, see Official Specifications for CORBA support in Java[tm] SE 6.


Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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