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Uses of Interface

Packages that use Locator
javax.xml.bind.helpers JAXB Provider Use Only: Provides partial default implementations for some of the javax.xml.bind interfaces. 
org.xml.sax This package provides the core SAX APIs. 
org.xml.sax.ext This package contains interfaces to SAX2 facilities that conformant SAX drivers won't necessarily support. 
org.xml.sax.helpers This package contains "helper" classes, including support for bootstrapping SAX-based applications. 

Uses of Locator in javax.xml.bind.helpers

Constructors in javax.xml.bind.helpers with parameters of type Locator
ValidationEventLocatorImpl(Locator loc)
          Constructs an object from an org.xml.sax.Locator.

Uses of Locator in org.xml.sax

Methods in org.xml.sax with parameters of type Locator
 void DocumentHandler.setDocumentLocator(Locator locator)
          Deprecated. Receive an object for locating the origin of SAX document events.
 void HandlerBase.setDocumentLocator(Locator locator)
          Deprecated. Receive a Locator object for document events.
 void ContentHandler.setDocumentLocator(Locator locator)
          Receive an object for locating the origin of SAX document events.

Constructors in org.xml.sax with parameters of type Locator
SAXParseException(String message, Locator locator)
          Create a new SAXParseException from a message and a Locator.
SAXParseException(String message, Locator locator, Exception e)
          Wrap an existing exception in a SAXParseException.

Uses of Locator in org.xml.sax.ext

Subinterfaces of Locator in org.xml.sax.ext
 interface Locator2
          SAX2 extension to augment the entity information provided though a Locator.

Classes in org.xml.sax.ext that implement Locator
 class Locator2Impl
          SAX2 extension helper for holding additional Entity information, implementing the Locator2 interface.

Constructors in org.xml.sax.ext with parameters of type Locator
Locator2Impl(Locator locator)
          Copy an existing Locator or Locator2 object.

Uses of Locator in org.xml.sax.helpers

Classes in org.xml.sax.helpers that implement Locator
 class LocatorImpl
          Provide an optional convenience implementation of Locator.

Methods in org.xml.sax.helpers with parameters of type Locator
 void XMLReaderAdapter.setDocumentLocator(Locator locator)
          Set a document locator.
 void ParserAdapter.setDocumentLocator(Locator locator)
          Adapter implementation method; do not call.
 void XMLFilterImpl.setDocumentLocator(Locator locator)
          Filter a new document locator event.
 void DefaultHandler.setDocumentLocator(Locator locator)
          Receive a Locator object for document events.

Constructors in org.xml.sax.helpers with parameters of type Locator
LocatorImpl(Locator locator)
          Copy constructor.

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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