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Packages that use PackageDeclaration
com.sun.mirror.apt Classes used to communicate information between annotation processors and an annotation processing tool. 
com.sun.mirror.declaration Interfaces used to model program element declarations. 
com.sun.mirror.util Utilities to assist in the processing of declarations and types

Uses of PackageDeclaration in com.sun.mirror.apt

Methods in com.sun.mirror.apt that return PackageDeclaration
 PackageDeclaration AnnotationProcessorEnvironment.getPackage(String name)
          Returns the declaration of a package given its fully qualified name.

Uses of PackageDeclaration in com.sun.mirror.declaration

Methods in com.sun.mirror.declaration that return PackageDeclaration
 PackageDeclaration TypeDeclaration.getPackage()
          Returns the package within which this type is declared.

Uses of PackageDeclaration in com.sun.mirror.util

Methods in com.sun.mirror.util with parameters of type PackageDeclaration
 void SimpleDeclarationVisitor.visitPackageDeclaration(PackageDeclaration d)
          Visits a package declaration.
 void DeclarationVisitor.visitPackageDeclaration(PackageDeclaration d)
          Visits a package declaration.

Mirror API

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