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Packages that use TypeParameterDeclaration
com.sun.mirror.declaration Interfaces used to model program element declarations. 
com.sun.mirror.type Interfaces used to model types. 
com.sun.mirror.util Utilities to assist in the processing of declarations and types

Uses of TypeParameterDeclaration in com.sun.mirror.declaration

Methods in com.sun.mirror.declaration that return types with arguments of type TypeParameterDeclaration
 Collection<TypeParameterDeclaration> ExecutableDeclaration.getFormalTypeParameters()
          Returns the formal type parameters of this method or constructor.
 Collection<TypeParameterDeclaration> TypeDeclaration.getFormalTypeParameters()
          Returns the formal type parameters of this class or interface.

Uses of TypeParameterDeclaration in com.sun.mirror.type

Methods in com.sun.mirror.type that return TypeParameterDeclaration
 TypeParameterDeclaration TypeVariable.getDeclaration()
          Returns the type parameter that declared this type variable.

Uses of TypeParameterDeclaration in com.sun.mirror.util

Methods in com.sun.mirror.util with parameters of type TypeParameterDeclaration
 TypeVariable Types.getTypeVariable(TypeParameterDeclaration tparam)
          Returns the type variable declared by a type parameter.
 void SimpleDeclarationVisitor.visitTypeParameterDeclaration(TypeParameterDeclaration d)
          Visits a type parameter declaration.
 void DeclarationVisitor.visitTypeParameterDeclaration(TypeParameterDeclaration d)
          Visits a type parameter declaration.

Mirror API

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