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Interface InterfaceType

All Superinterfaces:
DeclaredType, ReferenceType, TypeMirror
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public interface InterfaceType
extends DeclaredType

Represents an interface type. Note that an annotation type is a kind of interface.

While an InterfaceDeclaration represents the declaration of an interface, an InterfaceType represents an interface type. See TypeDeclaration for more on this distinction.


Method Summary
 InterfaceDeclaration getDeclaration()
          Returns the declaration of this type.
Methods inherited from interface com.sun.mirror.type.DeclaredType
getActualTypeArguments, getContainingType, getSuperinterfaces
Methods inherited from interface com.sun.mirror.type.TypeMirror
accept, equals, toString

Method Detail


InterfaceDeclaration getDeclaration()
Returns the declaration of this type.

Returns null if this type's declaration is unknown. This may be the result of a processing error, such as a missing class file.

Specified by:
getDeclaration in interface DeclaredType
the declaration of this type, or null if unknown

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