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Interface MemberDoc

All Superinterfaces:
Comparable<Object>, Doc, ProgramElementDoc
All Known Subinterfaces:
AnnotationTypeElementDoc, ConstructorDoc, ExecutableMemberDoc, FieldDoc, MethodDoc

public interface MemberDoc
extends ProgramElementDoc

Represents a member of a java class: field, constructor, or method. This is an abstract class dealing with information common to method, constructor and field members. Class members of a class (innerclasses) are represented instead by ClassDoc.

See Also:
MethodDoc, FieldDoc, ClassDoc

Method Summary
 boolean isSynthetic()
          Returns true if this member was synthesized by the compiler.
Methods inherited from interface com.sun.javadoc.ProgramElementDoc
annotations, containingClass, containingPackage, isFinal, isPackagePrivate, isPrivate, isProtected, isPublic, isStatic, modifiers, modifierSpecifier, qualifiedName
Methods inherited from interface com.sun.javadoc.Doc
commentText, compareTo, firstSentenceTags, getRawCommentText, inlineTags, isAnnotationType, isAnnotationTypeElement, isClass, isConstructor, isEnum, isEnumConstant, isError, isException, isField, isIncluded, isInterface, isMethod, isOrdinaryClass, name, position, seeTags, setRawCommentText, tags, tags

Method Detail


boolean isSynthetic()
Returns true if this member was synthesized by the compiler.

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