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Uses of ClassDoc in com.sun.javadoc

Subinterfaces of ClassDoc in com.sun.javadoc
 interface AnnotationTypeDoc
          Represents an annotation type.

Methods in com.sun.javadoc that return ClassDoc
 ClassDoc[] PackageDoc.allClasses()
          Get all included classes and interfaces in the package.
 ClassDoc[] PackageDoc.allClasses(boolean filter)
          Get all classes and interfaces in the package, filtered to the specified access modifier option.
 ClassDoc ParameterizedType.asClassDoc()
          Return the generic class or interface that declared this type.
 ClassDoc Type.asClassDoc()
          Return this type as a ClassDoc if it represents a class or interface.
 ClassDoc[] RootDoc.classes()
          Return the included classes and interfaces in all packages.
 ClassDoc RootDoc.classNamed(String qualifiedName)
          Return a ClassDoc for the specified class or interface name.
 ClassDoc ProgramElementDoc.containingClass()
          Get the containing class or interface of this program element.
 ClassDoc[] PackageDoc.enums()
          Get included enum types in this package.
 ClassDoc[] PackageDoc.errors()
          Get included Error classes in this package.
 ClassDoc ThrowsTag.exception()
          Return a ClassDoc that represents the exception.
 ClassDoc[] PackageDoc.exceptions()
          Get included Exception classes in this package.
 ClassDoc SerialFieldTag.fieldTypeDoc()
          Return the ClassDoc for field type.
 ClassDoc PackageDoc.findClass(String className)
          Lookup a class or interface within this package.
 ClassDoc ClassDoc.findClass(String className)
          Find the specified class or interface within the context of this class doc.
 ClassDoc[] ClassDoc.importedClasses()
          Deprecated. Import declarations are implementation details that should not be exposed here. In addition, not all imported classes are imported through single-type-import declarations.
 ClassDoc[] ClassDoc.innerClasses()
          Return included nested classes and interfaces within this class or interface.
 ClassDoc[] ClassDoc.innerClasses(boolean filter)
          Return nested classes and interfaces within this class or interface filtered to the specified access modifier option.
 ClassDoc[] PackageDoc.interfaces()
          Get included interfaces in this package, omitting annotation types.
 ClassDoc[] ClassDoc.interfaces()
          Return interfaces implemented by this class or interfaces extended by this interface.
 ClassDoc[] PackageDoc.ordinaryClasses()
          Get included ordinary classes (that is, exclude exceptions, errors, enums, interfaces, and annotation types) in this package.
 ClassDoc MethodDoc.overriddenClass()
          Return the class containing the method that this method overrides.
 ClassDoc SeeTag.referencedClass()
          Get the class doc referenced by the class name part of @see.
 ClassDoc[] RootDoc.specifiedClasses()
          Return the classes and interfaces specified as source file names on the command line.
 ClassDoc ClassDoc.superclass()
          Return the superclass of this class.
 ClassDoc[] ExecutableMemberDoc.thrownExceptions()
          Return exceptions this method or constructor throws.

Methods in com.sun.javadoc with parameters of type ClassDoc
 boolean ClassDoc.subclassOf(ClassDoc cd)
          Test whether this class is a subclass of the specified class.

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