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Uses of Type in com.sun.javadoc

Subinterfaces of Type in com.sun.javadoc
 interface AnnotationTypeDoc
          Represents an annotation type.
 interface ClassDoc
          Represents a java class or interface and provides access to information about the class, the class's comment and tags, and the members of the class.
 interface ParameterizedType
          Represents an invocation of a generic class or interface.
 interface TypeVariable
          Represents a type variable.
 interface WildcardType
          Represents a wildcard type argument.

Methods in com.sun.javadoc that return Type
 Type[] TypeVariable.bounds()
          Return the bounds of this type variable.
 Type ParameterizedType.containingType()
          Return the type that contains this type as a member.
 Type ThrowsTag.exceptionType()
          Return the type of the exception associated with this ThrowsTag.
 Type[] WildcardType.extendsBounds()
          Return the upper bounds of this wildcard type argument as given by the extends clause.
 Type[] ParameterizedType.interfaceTypes()
          Return the interface types directly implemented by or extended by this parameterized type.
 Type[] ClassDoc.interfaceTypes()
          Return interfaces implemented by this class or interfaces extended by this interface.
 Type MethodDoc.overriddenType()
          Return the type containing the method that this method overrides.
 Type MethodDoc.returnType()
          Get return type.
 Type[] WildcardType.superBounds()
          Return the lower bounds of this wildcard type argument as given by the super clause.
 Type ParameterizedType.superclassType()
          Return the class type that is a direct supertype of this one.
 Type ClassDoc.superclassType()
          Return the superclass of this class.
 Type[] ExecutableMemberDoc.thrownExceptionTypes()
          Return exceptions this method or constructor throws.
 Type Parameter.type()
          Get the type of this parameter.
 Type FieldDoc.type()
          Get type of this field.
 Type[] ParameterizedType.typeArguments()
          Return the actual type arguments of this type.

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