Java Debug Interface

Class Bootstrap

  extended by com.sun.jdi.Bootstrap

public class Bootstrap
extends Object

Initial class that provides access to the default implementation of JDI interfaces. A debugger application uses this class to access the single instance of the VirtualMachineManager interface.


Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static VirtualMachineManager virtualMachineManager()
          Returns the virtual machine manager.
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Constructor Detail


public Bootstrap()
Method Detail


public static VirtualMachineManager virtualMachineManager()
Returns the virtual machine manager.

May throw an unspecified error if initialization of the VirtualMachineManager fails or if the virtual machine manager is unable to locate or create any Connectors.

@exception SecurityException if a security manager has been installed and it denies JDIPermission ("virtualMachineManager") or other unspecified permissions required by the implementation.

Java Debug Interface

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