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Interface StringReference

All Superinterfaces:
Mirror, ObjectReference, Value

public interface StringReference
extends ObjectReference

A string object from the target VM. A StringReference is an ObjectReference with additional access to string-specific information from the target VM.


Field Summary
Fields inherited from interface com.sun.jdi.ObjectReference
Method Summary
 String value()
          Returns the StringReference as a String.
Methods inherited from interface com.sun.jdi.ObjectReference
disableCollection, enableCollection, entryCount, equals, getValue, getValues, hashCode, invokeMethod, isCollected, owningThread, referenceType, referringObjects, setValue, uniqueID, waitingThreads
Methods inherited from interface com.sun.jdi.Value
Methods inherited from interface com.sun.jdi.Mirror
toString, virtualMachine

Method Detail


String value()
Returns the StringReference as a String. The returned string is the equivalent of the mirrored string, but is an entity in the client VM and can be manipulated like any other string.

the string value.

Java Debug Interface

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