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Packages that use VirtualMachine
com.sun.jdi This is the core package of the Java Debug Interface (JDI), it defines mirrors for values, types, and the target VirtualMachine itself - as well bootstrapping facilities. 
com.sun.jdi.connect This package defines connections between the virtual machine using the JDI and the target virtual machine. 

Uses of VirtualMachine in com.sun.jdi

Subinterfaces of VirtualMachine in com.sun.jdi
 interface PathSearchingVirtualMachine
          A virtual machine which searches for classes through paths

Methods in com.sun.jdi that return VirtualMachine
 VirtualMachine VirtualMachineManager.createVirtualMachine(Connection connection)
          Creates a new virtual machine.
 VirtualMachine VirtualMachineManager.createVirtualMachine(Connection connection, Process process)
          Create a virtual machine mirror for a target VM.
 VirtualMachine Mirror.virtualMachine()
          Gets the VirtualMachine to which this Mirror belongs.

Methods in com.sun.jdi that return types with arguments of type VirtualMachine
 List<VirtualMachine> VirtualMachineManager.connectedVirtualMachines()
          Lists all target VMs which are connected to the debugger.

Uses of VirtualMachine in com.sun.jdi.connect

Methods in com.sun.jdi.connect that return VirtualMachine
 VirtualMachine ListeningConnector.accept(Map<String,? extends Connector.Argument> arguments)
          Waits for a target VM to attach to this connector.
 VirtualMachine AttachingConnector.attach(Map<String,? extends Connector.Argument> arguments)
          Attaches to a running application and and returns a mirror of its VM.
 VirtualMachine LaunchingConnector.launch(Map<String,? extends Connector.Argument> arguments)
          Launches an application and connects to its VM.

Java Debug Interface

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