Java Debug Interface

Interface BreakpointEvent

All Superinterfaces:
Event, Locatable, LocatableEvent, Mirror

public interface BreakpointEvent
extends LocatableEvent

Notification of a breakpoint in the target VM. The breakpoint event is generated before the code at its location is executed. When a location is reached which satisfies a currently enabled breakpoint request, an event set containing an instance of this class will be added to the VM's event queue.

See Also:
EventQueue, VirtualMachine, BreakpointRequest

Method Summary
Methods inherited from interface com.sun.jdi.event.LocatableEvent
Methods inherited from interface com.sun.jdi.event.Event
Methods inherited from interface com.sun.jdi.Mirror
toString, virtualMachine
Methods inherited from interface com.sun.jdi.Locatable

Java Debug Interface

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