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Interface EventSet

All Superinterfaces:
Collection<Event>, Iterable<Event>, Mirror, Set<Event>

public interface EventSet
extends Mirror, Set<Event>

Several Event objects may be created at a given time by the target VirtualMachine. For example, there may be more than one BreakpointRequest for a given Location or you might single step to the same location as a BreakpointRequest. These Event objects are delivered together as an EventSet. For uniformity, an EventSet is always used to deliver Event objects. EventSets are delivered by the EventQueue. EventSets are unmodifiable.

Associated with the issuance of an event set, suspensions may have occurred in the target VM. These suspensions correspond with the suspend policy. To assure matching resumes occur, it is recommended, where possible, to complete the processing of an event set with EventSet.resume().

The events that are grouped in an EventSet are restricted in the following ways:

See Also:
Event, EventQueue

Method Summary
 EventIterator eventIterator()
          Return an iterator specific to Event objects.
 void resume()
          Resumes threads suspended by this event set.
 int suspendPolicy()
          Returns the policy used to suspend threads in the target VM for this event set.
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Method Detail


int suspendPolicy()
Returns the policy used to suspend threads in the target VM for this event set. This policy is selected from the suspend policies for each event's request; the target VM chooses the policy which suspends the most threads. The target VM suspends threads according to that policy and that policy is returned here. See EventRequest for the possible policy values.

In rare cases, the suspend policy may differ from the requested value if a ClassPrepareEvent has occurred in a debugger system thread. See ClassPrepareEvent.thread() for details.

the suspendPolicy which is either SUSPEND_ALL, SUSPEND_EVENT_THREAD or SUSPEND_NONE.


EventIterator eventIterator()
Return an iterator specific to Event objects.


void resume()
Resumes threads suspended by this event set. If the suspendPolicy() is EventRequest.SUSPEND_ALL, a call to this method is equivalent to VirtualMachine.resume(). If the suspend policy is EventRequest.SUSPEND_EVENT_THREAD, a call to this method is equivalent to ThreadReference.resume() for the event thread. Otherwise, a call to this method is a no-op.

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