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Interface VMStartEvent

All Superinterfaces:
Event, Mirror

public interface VMStartEvent
extends Event

Notification of initialization of a target VM. This event is received before the main thread is started and before any application code has been executed. Before this event occurs a significant amount of system code has executed and a number of system classes have been loaded. This event is always generated by the target VM, even if not explicitly requested.

See Also:
VMDeathEvent, EventQueue, VirtualMachine

Method Summary
 ThreadReference thread()
          Returns the initial thread of the VM which has started.
Methods inherited from interface com.sun.jdi.event.Event
Methods inherited from interface com.sun.jdi.Mirror
toString, virtualMachine

Method Detail


ThreadReference thread()
Returns the initial thread of the VM which has started.

a ThreadReference which mirrors the event's thread in the target VM.

Java Debug Interface

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