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com.sun.jdi.event This package defines JDI events and event processing. 

Uses of Event in com.sun.jdi.event

Subinterfaces of Event in com.sun.jdi.event
 interface AccessWatchpointEvent
          Notification of a field access in the target VM.
 interface BreakpointEvent
          Notification of a breakpoint in the target VM.
 interface ClassPrepareEvent
          Notification of a class prepare in the target VM.
 interface ClassUnloadEvent
          Notification of a class unload in the target VM.
 interface ExceptionEvent
          Notification of an exception in the target VM.
 interface LocatableEvent
          Abstract superinterface of events which have both location and thread.
 interface MethodEntryEvent
          Notification of a method invocation in the target VM.
 interface MethodExitEvent
          Notification of a method return in the target VM.
 interface ModificationWatchpointEvent
          Notification of a field modification in the target VM.
 interface MonitorContendedEnteredEvent
          Notification that a thread in the target VM is entering a monitor after waiting for it to be released by another thread.
 interface MonitorContendedEnterEvent
          Notification that a thread in the target VM is attempting to enter a monitor that is already acquired by another thread.
 interface MonitorWaitedEvent
          Notification that a thread in the target VM has finished waiting on an monitor object.
 interface MonitorWaitEvent
          Notification that a thread in the target VM is about to wait on a monitor object.
 interface StepEvent
          Notification of step completion in the target VM.
 interface ThreadDeathEvent
          Notification of a completed thread in the target VM.
 interface ThreadStartEvent
          Notification of a new running thread in the target VM.
 interface VMDeathEvent
          Notification of target VM termination.
 interface VMDisconnectEvent
          Notification of disconnection from target VM.
 interface VMStartEvent
          Notification of initialization of a target VM.
 interface WatchpointEvent
          Notification of a field triggered event encountered by a thread in the target VM.

Methods in com.sun.jdi.event that return Event
 Event EventIterator.nextEvent()

Java Debug Interface

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