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Interface ThreadStartRequest

All Superinterfaces:
EventRequest, Mirror

public interface ThreadStartRequest
extends EventRequest

Request for notification when a thread starts execution in the target VM. When an enabled ThreadStartRequest is hit, an event set containing a ThreadStartEvent will be placed on the EventQueue. The collection of existing ThreadStartRequests is managed by the EventRequestManager

See Also:
ThreadStartEvent, EventQueue, EventRequestManager

Field Summary
Fields inherited from interface com.sun.jdi.request.EventRequest
Method Summary
 void addThreadFilter(ThreadReference thread)
          Restricts the events generated by this request to those in the given thread.
Methods inherited from interface com.sun.jdi.request.EventRequest
addCountFilter, disable, enable, getProperty, isEnabled, putProperty, setEnabled, setSuspendPolicy, suspendPolicy
Methods inherited from interface com.sun.jdi.Mirror
toString, virtualMachine

Method Detail


void addThreadFilter(ThreadReference thread)
Restricts the events generated by this request to those in the given thread.

thread - the thread to filter on.
InvalidRequestStateException - if this request is currently enabled or has been deleted. Filters may be added only to disabled requests.

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