Getting Started with Java IDL: Using Stringified Object References

This document was not updated for the J2SETM release. If you downloaded this document as part of the J2SETM documentation bundle, check the Web site at for updates.

To invoke an operation on a CORBA object, a client application needs a reference to the object. You can get such references in a number of ways, such as calling ORB.resolve_initial_references() or using another CORBA object (like the name service). In previous sections of this tutorial, you used both of these methods to get an initial object reference.

Often, however, there is no naming service available in the distributed environment. In that situation, CORBA clients use a stringified object reference to find their first object.

When updated, this lesson will teach you how to create a stringified object reference as a part of the server startup, and how the client gets that reference and destringifies it for use as a real object reference.

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