1.5 Acknowledgements

The authors would like to thank the following members of the expert group and others who provided valuable assistance with the API design:

Bharti Agrawal, Troy Chinen, Shoji Hara, Fuji FilmSoft

David Clunie, Quintiles Intelligent Imaging

Bob Deen, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratories

Thomas DeWeese, Eastman Kodak Corp.

Steve Levoe, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratories

Todd Rowell, Oracle

Jeannette Hung and Ihtisham Kabir provided excellent front-line management and made it possible for the API and its implementation to be devloped with a minimum of red tape. Aastha Bhardwaj, Brian Burkhalter, Jerry Evans, Ivan Wong, and John Zimmerman provided invaluable technical assistance.


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