+ Document Information


+ 1.  Overview of Java SE Monitoring and Management

- 2.  Monitoring and Management Using JMX Technology

Setting System Properties

Enabling the Out-of-the-Box Management

Local Monitoring and Management

Local Monitoring and Management Using JConsole

Remote Monitoring and Management

Using Password Authentication

Disabling Password Authentication

Using SSL

Enabling RMI Registry Authentication

Enabling SSL Client Authentication

Disabling SSL

Disabling Security

Remote Monitoring with JConsole

Remote Monitoring with JConsole with SSL Disabled

Remote Monitoring with JConsole with SSL Enabled

Using Password and Access Files

Password Files

Access Files

Out-of-the-Box Monitoring and Management Properties

Configuration Errors

Connecting to the JMX Agent Programmatically

Setting up Monitoring and Management Programmatically

Mimicking Out-of-the-Box Management Using the JMX Remote API

Example of Mimicking Out-of-the-Box Management

Monitoring Applications through a Firewall

Using an Agent Class to Instrument an Application

+ 3.  Using JConsole

+ 4.  Using the Platform MBean Server and Platform MXBeans

+ 5.  SNMP Monitoring and Management

+ A.  Additional Security Information For Microsoft Windows

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