Java Platform, Standard Edition Java Mission Control User's Guide
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5 Experimental Plug-ins

This chapter describes about the experimental plug-ins that you can download from the Java Mission Control client.

This section includes the following topics:

5.1 Overview

The experimental plug-ins for Oracle Java Mission Control are a set of plug-ins designed to either extend Java Mission Control in various ways or assist in developing such extensions. An experimental plug-in can be one of the following:

  • A technology preview. The plug-in may later be incorporated into the main distribution, depending on the feedback.

  • A plug-in extending Java Mission Control with functionality that is not directly related to Java SE, for example, the WebLogic Server plug-in for Java Flight Recorder.


These plug-ins are currently not supported and are provided only for evaluation purposes. The experimental plug-ins are not included in the Java Mission Control product distribution.

5.2 Installing Experimental Plug-ins

You can download and install the experimental plug-ins from the Experimental Update Site using the Java Mission Control client.

To install a plug-in:

  1. Open the Java Mission Control client.

  2. Select Install New Software... from the Help menu.

    The Install wizard opens.

  3. Select the plug-ins that you want to install. Follow instructions on the installation wizard to complete installation of the plug-in.


You should restart Java Mission Control to view and use the installed plug-ins.

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