Java Platform, Standard Edition Java Mission Control User's Guide
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4 Logging Properties

This chapter describes how to change the way Java Mission Control logs errors and warnings.

By default, the JMC client uses the file located in the package (Java Archive or JAR file) to control the way logging is performed. For example, if you have a commercial license of the JDK installed in JAVA_HOME, the location of this JAR file should be JAVA_HOME/lib/missioncontrol/plugins.

You should not modify the original file. Instead, copy it to another location (for example, to the root of the JMC installation directory) and modify the copy. To point the JMC client to the copy of the file:

  1. Open the Window menu and select Preferences.

  2. Select Java Mission Control from the left pane.

  3. In the Logging settings file field, specify the path and name of the logging properties file that you want to use. You can click Browse to select the file in the file system explorer window.

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