Java Platform, Standard Edition Java Mission Control User's Guide
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This document provides an overview of Java Mission Control. It includes information about the features, architecture, and accessibility of the product.


This document is intended for Java developers and support engineers who need an introduction about the functionality and architecture of Java Mission Control. It assumes that the reader has basic knowledge of Java.

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Related Documents

For information about using Java Mission Control, refer to the online help included with the product. You can view it by pressing F1 when working with the Java Mission Control client, or by clicking one of the question mark buttons located on most windows in the graphical user interface (GUI).

For information about Java Flight Recorder (JFR), see the Java Flight Recorder Runtime Guide.


The following text conventions are used in this document:

Convention Meaning


Boldface type indicates graphical user interface elements associated with an action, or terms defined in text or the glossary.


Italic type indicates book titles, emphasis, or placeholder variables for which you supply particular values.


Monospace type indicates commands within a paragraph, URLs, code in examples, text that appears on the screen, or text that you enter.


The following abbreviations are used in this document:

Abbreviation Meaning


Java Development Kit


Java Discovery Protocol


Java Flight Recorder


Java Mission Control


Java Management Extensions


Java Virtual Machine


Managed Bean (Java)


Rich Client Platform (Eclipse)


Remote Method Invocation (Java)

Support and Feedback

You can contact Oracle Support for technical assistance if you are entitled to the Oracle Support services for Java Mission Control. The following types of licenses include support for Java Mission Control:

If you have any suggestions about how to improve Java Mission Control or information on how it is most commonly used in your development environment, post it on the Java Mission Control forum at:

All feedback is considered by the Java Mission Control development team to find ways for improving the product. Oracle's goal is to simplify the tasks for making your Java applications as fast and efficient as possible.

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