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4 Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software

The Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software is the unique set of software components, tools, and documentation required to make the Exalogic Elastic Cloud Hardware functional and usable as a platform for Oracle's Fusion Middleware and business applications.

The Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software license also grants the right to use all supported features of the software and firmware installed on the Exalogic Elastic Cloud Hardware by Oracle at the time of manufacture.

There are no supported means of operating the Exalogic Elastic Cloud Hardware that does not require use of the Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software, nor are there any supported approaches to "hard partitioning" that would allow customers to avoid licensing all of the physical processors for a given Exalogic Elastic Cloud Hardware compute node (server) that is powered on.

The principal components of the Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software are as follows:

  • Exalogic Base Image: a collection of device drivers, device firmware, software libraries and configuration files that allow other software products to make use of the Exalogic Elastic Cloud Hardware and ensure the optimal performance and reliability of the system. Portions of this software extend the Oracle Linux and Oracle Solaris bootable operating system images that are required to operate the Exalogic Elastic Cloud hardware.

  • Oracle Traffic Director: an optimized software load balancer feature providing a highly available, high performance routing, caching and network traffic shaping capability for Exalogic.

  • Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder: enables rapid configuration and provisioning of multi-tier application topologies onto virtualized and cloud environments.

    Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder includes the following restricted use licenses:

    • Restricted Use License Oracle WebLogic Enterprise Edition restricted to WebLogic Server to be used as a host to provide Java EE runtime environment for Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder Deployer in Exalogic Control

    • Restricted Use License Oracle Coherence Enterprise Edition to be used for persistence, state management architecture and high availability for Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder Deployer functionality in Exalogic Control

  • Exalogic System Utilities: A collection of utilities that are used to configure and validate the configuration, physical state, firmware and software of the Exalogic system.

Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software also includes a license-restricted set of features that enables improved performance and reliability of Fusion Middleware products. For information about using these optimizations on the Exalogic Elastic Cloud, see "Enabling Exalogic-Specific Enhancements in Oracle WebLogic Server 11g Release 1" in Exalogic Elastic Cloud Enterprise Deployment Guide: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E18476_01/doc.220/e18479/optimization.htm

Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software has the following performance optimization entitlements for each Fusion Middleware product identified below: