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Creating Schemas with the Repository Creation Utility
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What's New in This Guide

The following topics introduce the new and changed features of the Repository Creation Utility and other significant changes that are described in this guide, and provides pointers to additional information. This document is the new edition of the formerly titled Oracle Fusion Middleware Repository Creation Utility User's Guide.

New and Changed Features for 12c (12.1.2)

Repository Creation Utility 12c (12.1.2) includes the following new and changed schema creation features:

  • Schema creation can be performed in two phases, so that users without the necessary database permissions can generate scripts for schema creation, and users with the necessary database privileges can execute the scripts to complete schema creation.

    For more information, see Section 1.2.1.

  • The command line syntax is also updated with the addition of the phased schema creation.

    See .

  • A new schema called Service Table enables other Fusion Middleware applications to obtain schema information.

    For more information, see Section 1.2.4

Other Significant Changes in this Document for 12c (12.1.2)

For 12c (12.1.2), this guide has been updated in several ways. Following are the sections that have been added or changed.

  • Added a section to describe the different phases of schema creation. See Section 1.2.1.

  • Added a section to describe how to organize your schemas using custom prefixes depending on your specific topology. See Section 1.2.5.

  • Revised the section on obtaining RCU; for 12c (12.1.2) RCU is no longer available as a stand-alone product, but instead is included with the Oracle Fusion Middleware Infrastructure distribution. Section 2.1.

  • Revised the section on starting RCU. Since the method of obtaining RCU is different, the location from where you start RCU is also different. See Section 2.2.

  • Modified the schema creation instructions. Two section on schema creation are now available, based on the database privileges of the user. See Section 2.3.1 and Section 2.3.2.

  • Modified the silent schema creation instructions. Sections on generating system load scripts and data load from the command line are added. See Section 3.5 and Section 3.6.